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                It would appear that the article I included in the newsletter last month regarding scams was well timed!
                Between mid-January and early February, I received contact from several residents reporting scams.  They
   included an email from 'The NHS', phone calls from 'BT', 'Amazon' and 'The National Crime Agency' and a text message from
   'The Post Office'.  Fortunately, all residents concerned realised they were scams and no money was lost.
   How can I avoid receiving phone scams and cold calls?  to receive calls from).
   Here are some things you can do to reduce the number of such calls   Whilst on the subject of scams – there are 2 that are currently 'doing
   received:                                            the rounds' in great numbers (which have been brought to my
   1.  Register with the Telephone Preference Service (tel no. 0345 070   attention by the Police and Action Fraud):
   0707 or via – you can register both landline and   a) Bitcoin investment opportunities. Please be vigilant of unsolicited
   mobile numbers free of charge. This will opt you out of receiving any   emails promoting cryptocurrency (Bitcoin) investment opportunities.
   live unsolicited telesales calls.  This should reduce the number of cold   Action Fraud received over 750 reports in early February about
   telesales calls you receive – but won't stop 'automated calls' or block   Bitcoin-related phishing emails that use fake celebrity endorsements
   the scammers.                                        to try and lure victims into investment scams. The links in the emails
   2. Talk to your phone provider to see what privacy services and call-  lead to fraudulent websites that are designed to steal your money, as
   blocking services are available (there may be a charge for some of   well as personal and financial information.
   them).                                               b) Scammers pretending to be police officers.  Police have renewed
   3.  If you have a smartphone, you can use the settings to block   this warning following further reports.  (RNW reported this was
   unwanted numbers.                                    happening in the December newsletter).  Sadly, one Nottingham
                                                        resident recently lost £350 to the fraudsters.  In the latest reports, the
   4.  Consider a call blocker.  These are devices which you can attach to
   your phone, or which may already be part of a phone.  scammers phoned the victims and told them that their accounts were
                                                        being used for drug laundering and there was a warrant out for their
   Note: before you decide on, activate or install these products please
   make sure that they won't block calls you want to receive (e.g. some
   will block all withheld numbers – but some legitimate organisations   Please see page 15 of February's newsletter for advice on dealing with
   use withheld numbers as well as private individuals who you may wish   scams – or our website.

     CRIMES* REPORTED 14.01.21 – 10.02.21           *Acquisitive Crime + Damage  E

     ( xcludes crimes of a domestic nature, neighbour / employment disputes, non-payment of goods, e.g. shop thefts)

              Time of
      Date              Crime   Location                             Comments
                                          Offender(s) gained entry to an unoccupied property undergoing building work by

      20 –     1630 –           Blidworth    forcing a temporary plywood door to a garage.  Entered storeroom by damaging a bolt
     21.1.21  0700 hrs  Burglary  Waye    but nothing stolen.  Also entered main building by breaking a sheet of plasterboard

                                          covering an unfinished wall.  Two household-style extension leads stolen

   CRIMESTOPPERS - 'Tell us what you know, not who you are'  law enforcement agencies.  It is independent of the police, the
   Crimestoppers is an independent charity helping to find criminals and   Government and Local Authorities, but works closely with the police,
   solve crimes.                                         the PCC and other statutory and voluntary agencies.
   If you have information about a crime or a criminal, you can pass it on   As at May 2020, since they started, Crimestoppers had received well
   anonymously (24/7, 365 days a year) by calling them on 0800 555 111   over 2.5 million actionable calls and over 149,000 arrests had been
   or filling in an online form on their website:  www.crimestoppers-  made as a result.                                               PLEASE REPORT SUSPICIOUS INDIVIDUALS
   You won't be asked to give your name, your call won't be traced or   As well as reporting crimes and antisocial behaviour on 101 (or 999 in
   recorded, online forms are encrypted to ensure anonymity and you   the case of an emergency or you believe a crime is in progress), please
   won't have to go to court.                            also report any individuals acting suspiciously on 101.
   Crimestoppers is not a replacement for the police – people are
   encouraged to call the police whenever possible.  However, it is   Suspicious behaviour is something that is out of place, not quite right
   recognised that there are times when people do not wish to do this,   or makes you feel uneasy.
   (perhaps because they want to report someone they know, or they are   A suspicious person is either someone who is exhibiting suspicious or
   worried that others will know if they speak out – and fear revenge or   unusual behaviour or is in an area doing something that is not normal.
   reprisals, or they are not sure if what they know will be of any help) -
   but they do want to do something for the good of their community, to   The Police are keen to receive such information - they would much
   prevent crime or help to make it safer.               prefer to have the opportunity to check things out than not. (They will
   Once someone has made a call or completed an online form,   not accuse you of wasting time if the call was made in good faith, i.e.
   Crimestoppers create a report that brings together all the information   you had cause to suspect that something was amiss).
   given, making sure it doesn't contain any information that could   If you do ring in please try and provide a good description of the
   identify the person.  The report is then sent to the relevant authority –   person (e.g. m / f, approx age, what they are wearing etc.) and, if they
   this could be Nottinghamshire Police or an agency such as the UK   are using a vehicle, the registration number, make / model and colour
   Border Agency or HM Revenue & Customs. (In addition, the charity   of it would be very useful.
   pays cash rewards if the information given to them leads to one or   Don't worry about being embarrassed if your
   more people being arrested and charged. All rewards are given   suspicions prove unfounded – you just as
   anonymously).                                         easily may have prevented a crime from
   Established in 1988, Crimestoppers mission is to provide a means to   happening or have assisted in the arrest of an
   detect, reduce and prevent any crime, through the provision of   offender!
   information from anonymous sources, about crimes and criminals to
                                                                                  Sue Harris

             For further advice please visit our website:
           To contact RNW email us at or leave a message for us on 07583 296 466
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