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Ravenshead Newsletter 03-2021 - 15


                      Anti-Social Behaviour in Ravenshead

                         Joint Appeal from Ravenshead Parish Council

                              & Ravenshead Neighbourhood Watch

    We are aware that the vast majority of young people in our village are polite, caring and respectful and we have
    met many of them over the years – both whilst visiting the primary schools in the village and whilst either working
    or fulfilling the role of Governors at The Joseph Whitaker School.

    However, there is currently a small group who, unfortunately, do not show any of these attributes.
    We have been informed that a group of 8 or 9 'teenagers' regularly congregate in the area of the precinct and
    cause local residents a great deal of annoyance and upset.  They are repeatedly heard shouting and swearing, at
    times they play football and the ball ends up in the front gardens of properties, which they then enter causing
    damage and distress. They have been abusive to residents, particularly those occupying the residential flats above
    the shops and they have been caught on CCTV deliberately throwing objects at windows to cause maximum
    We understand that at least one of our older residents, who lives alone in the area, has on several occasions, been
    traumatised by the actions of this group.  No resident should ever be subject to such behaviour or incidents which
    leaves them feeling frightened in their own home.
    We have spoken to a couple of residents who live in the area and have stressed that they should ring the Police on
    101 if youngsters are committing such anti-social behaviour (ASB) or if they are congregating in breach of the
    Coronavirus rules.  (As we write this in early February, we are only permitted to meet one person not in our
    household to go for a walk outside - provided social distancing is maintained).  Apparently the ASB started before
    the pandemic started - but it seems to have got much worse as we have been in the lockdown.
    This group consists of youngsters described as being aged between 12 and 15 years old and at least 2 of them are
    girls.  They usually meet up in the area at some time between 4.30pm and 7.00pm (but have been known to be
    there later into the night too).
    Both Cllr Chris Barnfather (RPC) and Sue Harris (RNW) have independently been contacted by residents and in
    turn have, on several occasions now, contacted Inspector Chris Pearson (Head of our Neighbourhood Policing
    Team), during 2020 and more recently in early February 2021 and he has asked that we encourage residents to
    ring in and report these gatherings (on 101) and he also requested that we 'remind parents that their children
    need to be inside where possible (in keeping with the Covid regulations)'.
    The Police have assured us that they will put extra resources in to patrol the area and will take appropriate action
    with regards to any young people who are found congregating and / or committing ASB – including visiting their
    home addresses and speaking to their parents.
    It is always a shame when a minority of thoughtless and irresponsible young people cause so much distress to
    some of our more vulnerable residents and give the rest of their blameless peers a bad name. So please parents,
    know where your children are and what they are doing and ensure that they are not a part of this exceedingly poor
    Sue Harris – Chair Ravenshead Neighbourhood Watch
    Chris Barnfather – Chair Ravenshead Parish Council

     Thank you for Ron Brookes send off

    " Thank you to all the neighbours and friends who gathered (socially distanced of course!) outside Dad's bungalow to pay their
    last respects as he went off on his final journey to a round of applause.
    The gesture was such a comfort to family and friends especially as we could only invite a limited number to the funeral.
    Thank you also for your kind donations towards Kirkby food bank, one of Dads chosen charities.
    Your respect for a fellow Ravenshead resident is one that makes your community a special place to live - Ron would have been
    very proud of you all ! "
    From Jason, Emmeline and family.
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