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Ravenshead Newsletter 03-2021  -  3

         Happy 25th Birthday to Ravenshead Ready Call!

                     Ravenshead Ready Call, our very own
                     Good Neighbour Scheme, was launched in
                     Ravenshead Library in March 1996 by our
                     then MP, Paddy Tipping. We celebrated the
                     launch with a red telephone cake!
                     Since then a wonderful team of volunteers
                     have given hundreds of lifts to medical
                     and other appointments, collected
                     countless prescriptions and helped with a
                     vast amount of shopping, always
                     willingly, efficiently, kindly and cheerfully,
                     because we’re “Happy to help!”
                     No one has any idea how many miles
                     we’ve driven or hours we’ve spent volunteering, but both are covered by “a lot”!
                     We’ve thanked our volunteers by inviting them for coffee and cake, sometimes a meal, and we’ve held
                     Coffee Mornings, Cream Teas and Bacon Bap Mornings.
                     Five years ago we invited Paddy Tipping to
                     join us as we celebrated our 20th
                     anniversary with a wonderful Garden
                     So on reaching this milestone, it’s a big
                     shout out to all our volunteers, past and
                     present, and a virtual medal to all the
                     original volunteers who haven’t yet retired
                     and who we look forward to welcoming
    back when life returns to something more normal, hopefully
    before too long.
                             Jean Richardson, a wonderful
                             original volunteer, has just retired
                             at 89! We popped round with a
                             bunch of flowers to say a big
                             “Thank you” to Jean for all her
                             We have met some wonderful and truly inspirational people over the years, and they’ve become
                             friends as we’ve chatted and listened to their story, and we’ve laughed a lot and cried a little, as
                             we’ve shared their journey, not just the car journey, but the privilege of sharing a little of their
                             life journey too.
                             Much has changed over the years, and we’re very grateful for the technology that now makes
                             communication so much easier and more efficient. Sadly, of course, a look through old diaries
                             and photos reminds us of the many friends and volunteers who are no longer with us, but who
                             enriched our lives and who served so well.
                             We do plan, should we be allowed, to celebrate this birthday with a tea party in July to which
                             you’re all invited! Well, as many of you as we can reasonably serve! This will also mark my
                             retirement as co-ordinator of Ready Call, something I’ve loved doing but I think 25 years is long
                             enough, don’t you? Karen Goodwin will take over the role and be brilliant!
    We’d like to create a Commemorative Scrap Book of photos and memories, and if you’re someone we’ve helped, or a volunteer,
    who has a short story of something that sticks out for you that
    we might include in our book, or a photo or two, we’d love to
    hear from you, either by email at or
    through my letterbox, 62 Vernon Crescent, Ravenshead
    NG159BQ. I’ve got a few! Like a nightmare return trip from
    Kings Mill down a track in Newstead Abbey Park when it had
    suddenly snowed very heavily!
    One thing that hasn’t changed with the years, is the need for our
    services. People still need transport and help with shopping and
    prescriptions, and we’re grateful to have welcomed a lovely
    group of new and slightly younger volunteers. We’re always
    happy to welcome more volunteers, so if you think this might
    be for you, please get in touch. We aim to celebrate many more
    Ready Call birthdays well into the future!
    Molly Bell  -  01623 490749
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