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6 - Ravenshead Newsletter  - 03-2021

                         20 ways to stay positive

          A year living with the pandemic, with multiple lockdowns and restrictions on our day to day lives
              and a cold bleak winter can make it difficult for even an eternal optimist to stay positive.
             Truth is we all have to work at being positive when surrounded by so much change, sadness
                and negative news. If you are feeling down here are 20 ideas to try to lift your spirits:
   Reminisce                                                            activity such as a quiz, book or film
   Dig out old photo albums and souvenirs                               review or wine tasting, virtual events can
   from happier times, remember how good                                still be fun.
   those times were and remind yourself                                 Silver lining
   happier times will be here again. If you                             Every cloud as they say. Think or write
   have grown up in the digital age why not                             down any positives that have come out of
   create a photobook and get an extra copy                             this difficult situation. Have you spent
   for those you shared your good times                                 more time with your own family, cut out
   with?                                                                long commutes, found time for jobs you
   Create a 'When this is all over' list                                have been putting off or think about the
   Write down all the things you look forward to doing when   positive environmental benefits.
   everything opens up again, no matter how small. Perhaps   Sleep
   use pictures. Share your dream list with others to inspire   Now is the perfect time to catch up on sleep which is good
   them to do the same.                                  for your mental and physical wellbeing.
   Tidy and Declutter                                    Don't over think things
   Cluttered rooms, desks or homes can create stress and   Unfortunately we can't change what has happened or largely
   anxiety and overload our brains. Decluttering can also have   what will happen in the future so just learn to take things
   unexpected side benefits such as rediscovering lost treasures   day by day, week by week.
   and memories.
                                                         Be Grateful
                                                         For what you have. It isn't easy nowadays to be thankful for
   Improves sleep, concentration, your general wellbeing and   what you have, but . there will always be people who will be
   your mood.
                                                         a lot worse off and who would love to have what you have.
   Try something new                                     Think about all things you are fortunate to have.
   If you find yourself with more time on your hands do   Talk to people
   something different whether that's a new hobby, recipe,   Don't become isolated, keep connected with family and
   language, TV programme or technology. Push yourself out   friends through phone or video calls or by sending a greeting
   of your comfort zone, you may learn something about   card or postcard.
                                                         Be uplifted
   Set yourself goals
                                                         Make an effort to be inspired. Write down 3 people who have
   List everything you need to do and a date by which you need   inspired you or who you admire. Read their auto biography,
   to achieve them by. This will help provide structure and
                                                         watch a film about them or just find out more about them
   purpose to your life.                                 on the internet. It may not necessarily be famous people who
   Reward yourself                                       inspire you, it could be a family member or friend if so talk
   Each time you achieve one of your goals, no matter how   to them and tell them how inspiring they are.
   small reward yourself whether that's just taking time out to   Do your bit
   chill, a cup of tea, something tasty, a favourite film or online   Whether it is supporting businesses in your local
   shopping.                                             community, a charity, somebody worse off than you or
   Limit your negative intake                            doing good deeds for neighbours such as their shopping or
   News, people and social media can all be very negative so   simply just adhering to the Governments rules to help ease
   limit your intake and consciously make an effort to   the pandemic congratulate yourself for doing your bit.
   surround yourself with positivity and filter out negative   Take good care of yourself
   influences.                                           If we are not careful it is easy to spend a lot of the day
   Make somebody else happy                              sitting down, looking at a screen, eating, drinking and
   Helping others through random acts of kindness or putting   generally feeling fed up but we all must take care of
   in some extra thought for a birthday or anniversary not   ourselves in order to feel positive. Eat and sleep well, exercise,
   only makes the recipient happy but you'll find their   get fresh air and give your eyes a rest from looking at
   appreciation will make you happy too.                 screens.
   Smile and say hello                                   Be more optimistic
   If you are out for a walk just smile and say hello to others as   Research indicates optimists live longer and have better
   you pass by, you'll be pleasantly surprised how many people   relationships and immune systems and live less stressful lives
   will smile and say hello back or even start a conversation   than pessimists. Excessive optimism can be dangerous during
   which will make you feel better.                      a pandemic but a little extra optimism can serve us all well.
                                                         There are reasons for hope in 2021 such as the extensive
   Organise a virtual social event
                                                         testing programme we have in place and the rate at which
   Whether it is just a group chat with family or friends or an   people are being vaccinated.
                                                                                                Chris Arthur
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