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Ravenshead Newsletter 03-2021 - 07


                                                                   with Lauren Devonshire

                           Spring is officially here!

        The gardening season is upon us, and it is time to get your wellies on,
              trowels and spades at the ready and get out there gardening!

           There is nothing more satisfying than being out in the garden getting your hands dirty.
     Especially after the long cold winter. Take a look at some of the jobs you can be doing this month

     ! Continue to keep an eye on the weather for late
                                                     Plant of the Month
     ! Plant broad beans, cabbage, salads and other   Edgeworthia chrysantha also known as the paperbush is
        veg plants                                   looking beautiful this month. This bushy , deciduous shrub
     ! Plant grape vines                             really holds its own in the garden, with its open structure of
     ! Prune roses to an outward facing bud          succulent like stems which hold round clusters of fragrant
     ! Plant summer flowering bulbs                  yellow flowers from late winter through into spring.
     ! Remember to feed the birds
     ! Cut back Cornus to ensure a flourishing winter
        display later on
     ! Get planning your summer hanging baskets
        and pots
     ! Mow the lawn on dry days
     ! Apply a lawn feed now and then again in
        June/July to keep your lawn looking its best
     ! Apply a general fertiliser around your pots and
        borders to give your plants a nutritional boost.
       This month is about getting the gardening bug back   Edgeworthia are not a common garden plant, so certainly
     and keeping busy outdoors now that spring is finally here!  one to look out for in your local garden centre!

    Also Looking Good This


    Salix or willow look truly magical at this
    time of year. Their delicate bare stems
    start to display the magical furry buds
    that open up into fluffy catkins. They
    look amazing with morning dew on
    them and really are a striking
    specimen. There are so many different
    varieties to choose from.  'White Cat' is
    a particularly beautiful variety with its
    white, silver buds.

    The winter months often seem never ending, but we can be sure that better
              days are ahead. Longer, warmer days to enjoy in the garden.

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