Page 24 - Sub-Zero Wolf Brochure
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DUAL REFRIGERATION makestherefrigeratorandfreezerintoautonomous,self-contained compartments. Result: Ideal atmospheres for fresh and frozen foods.
AN AIR PURIFICATION SYSTEM continuously filters odors, mold, bacteria, viruses, and the natural ethylene gas that hastens spoilage.
  STORAGE DRAWERS form a special lower-temperature zone – a fridge within a fridge – to provide optimum conditions for produce and meats. Smooth-glide drawers open and close easily; clear front panels show what’s within.
A MAGNETIC GASKET seals the doors tightly all the way around, preventing air leaks and reducing energy consumption.
D O O R S H E L V E S adjust at one-inch increments for increased customization. The design also creates more usable interior space.
ADVANCED WATER FILTRATION reducesnotonlysuspendedparticlesbutalsochemical pollutants, viruses, and bacteria, while preserving the fresh taste of water and ice.
M A X I C E feature can increase ice production by up to 30-40% for a 24-hour period.
M I C R O P R O C E S S O R control is more precise and versatile than mechanical systems. It controls temperatures and defrost patterns and stores diagnostic information for service technicians.
F R E S H N E S S C A R D S keep storage tips and use-and-care information always at hand. Advice is based on research by food scientists at the University of California, Davis.
C O N T R O L P A N E L puts more information and greater temperature control at your fingertips.
THE FLIP-UP GRILLE provides easy access for quick routine maintenance. Vacuum out the condenser or change the water filter with ease.

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