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DUAL REFRIGERATION makes the refrigerator and freezer into autonomous, self-contained compartments. Result: Ideal atmospheres for fresh and frozen foods.
AN AIR PURIFICATION SYSTEM continuouslyfiltersodors,mold,bacteria,viruses, and the natural ethylene gas that hastens spoilage.
P R O D U C E D R A W E R S comprise a lower-temperature, higher-humidity freshness zone – a “crisper crisper.”
T H E I N T E R I O R redesigned in a sleekly minimalist “crystal look,” is lit by LEDs to reduce heat.
SPILLPROOF SHELVES engineeredwithliquidnano-retention,holdspillsinplace for easy cleanup.
THE INTERNAL DISPENSER serves an endless supply of filtered, chilled water.
ADVANCED WATER FILTRATION reduces not only suspended particles but also chemical pollutants, viruses, and bacteria, while preserving the fresh taste of water and ice.
M A X I C E feature can increase ice production by up to 30% for a 24-hour period.
FRESHNESS CARDS keep storage tips and use-and-care information always at hand. Advice is based on research by food scientists at the University of California, Davis.
C O N T R O L P A N E L puts more information and greater control at your fingertips with touch-sensing technology. A finger-tip interface with ultra precise digital temperature control.
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