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Incredible speed. Precise control. Exceptional technology. The secret of this remarkable cooking technology is magnetism. Electromagnetic elements cause pots and pans to heat up instantly and with perfectly distributed heat. Heat generation stops the instant you turn off the element or remove the pan. The cooktop surface remains relatively cool, making induction an exceptionally safe way to cook. With Wolf’s cookware-sensing technology, the induction elements will not energize without a compatible pan on the surface. Our 24", 30", and 36" induction cooktops are available in contemporary and transitional models. Contemporary and transitional styles fit sleekly into almost any kind of kitchen design, and some models pair perfectly with Wolf module cooktops to create a custom cooking environment.
It’s called induction because the cooktop creates a magnetic field that induces heat in the pan. The cookware becomes the heating element. It’s not only powerful and energy-efficient, it’s nimble, adjusting quickly when you change a temperature setting.
The induction cooktop’s impressive range of power can be controlled with supreme ease. One touch turns an element to its highest heat for boiling, or to its lowest setting for melting chocolate without burning or scorching.

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