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Sub-Zero’s founder Westye F. Bakke was a world pioneer in preserving food at ultralow temperatures — literally sub-zero, below -18°C (0°F). A gifted engineer, he had a personal motive for developing reliable, high-performance home refrigeration in the 1940s: he needed it to store insulin for his diabetic son, Bud. Westye’s innovations forever changed not only food preservation but also kitchen design, thanks to his introduction of built-in refrigeration — a revolutionary idea at the time.
Wolf’s reputation for precise, supremely durable cooking equipment dates back even further. Acquired by Sub-Zero in 2000, Wolf builds cooking instruments with expertise amassed through more than 80 years in commercial kitchens.
We are still a family-run business, headed by Westye’s grandson, and we take the commitment to superior design and performance as personally as ever.
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