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                           Les Secrets du Les du
            Wine Vinegar
Wine vinegar is made from white, red or rosé wine. If a wine has been granted a certification of appellation d’origine controllée, the vinegar can be sold as, for example, a true Burgundy Wine Vinegar or Champagne Vinegar, depending on which wine was used to produce it. A wide variety of ingredients, including fines herbes, garlic, chili peppers, flowers, and fruit can be steeped in wine vinegar to make flavored vinegars. These infused vinegars can be used in vinaigrettes and sauces to add nuanced, aromatic flavors.
White wine vinegar with shallots, for example, is excellent in Béarnaise sauce, and chili vinegar makes a superb seasoning for simple seafood dishes. Raspberry vinegar works wonderfully with fatty poultry like duck or goose, while a splash of wine vinegar in marinades helps tenderize meat and poultry, and a dash in stews and sauces adds a subtle tang.
When planning a menu, choose a vinegar that will complement the wine being served at the table. Select red wine vinegar for a poultry sauce paired with a red Bordeaux. Use white wine vinegar to season seafood starters like a crab and shrimp salad served alongside a Muscadet sur lie. If Champagne is the beverage of the evening, choose Champagne vinegar for vinaigrettes and sauces.

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