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 Sherry Vinegar
Originating in Spain and made from wine produced in the Jerez region of southern Andalusia, sherry vinegar is, much like vintage balsamic vinegar, a delicacy that holds secrets of its own. This delicious condiment echoes the flavor of the amontillado wine from which it is made and retains a light alcohol taste. In fact, one of sherry vinegar’s main characteristics is its residual alcohol content, which can be up to 3%. The use of Palomina and Tinta grapes gives it a unique taste, and winemakers from the Marco region of Jerez often age their vinegars up to 20 or 30 years. Sherry vinegar is fairly sweet and, when used in vinaigrettes, creates an interesting harmony of flavors, especially when the acidity of another salad ingredient such as citrus needs to be counterbalanced. Adding sherry vinegar to gazpacho, strawberries, or roast pork turns these dishes from simple to sublime!

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