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which for this event held a collection of recently restored air-cooled Porsches. What else? Here you could vote for best of show.
A visit to the speedway cannot be complete without stepping inside its museum. Here, all of the winners of the Indy 500 are chronicled, along with the first winning car and many others, plus helmets, trophies and more.
The speedway is now in the hands of owner Roger Penske, who has a long history with Porsche. Speaking to a Porsche employee, it appears many Porsche events will now take place here, due to its middle of the country location, its ability to handle large groups, and provide for a variety of car activities.
  After two and a half days, Lynn and I slithered, scrunched and pulled our senior bodies back into the Cayman S for a quick run up to Dearborn, Michigan, just minutes southwest of Detroit. There, sprawled over 80 acres,
Der Sportwagen
is the Henry Ford Museum. This is a bucket list destination. Rosa Park’s bus, John Kennedy’s car, yes, that one, the Wright brothers’ bicycle shop, trains, planes and
a whole lot more. After two days we had barely scratched the surface. Don’t miss it.
In order to give my small yet mighty Cayman S a rest, I decided to trade my ten-year-old, 103,000 plus mile Lincoln MKZ SUV for a newer vehicle. Mike Diaz, my go to salesperson at Aristocrat,

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