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All of the witches go, “ha ha ha Ha ha ha, ha ha ha.”
All of the witches go, “ha ha ha.” At the haunted house
All of the ghosts go, “woo woo woo”...
All of the zombies go, “we want brains, we want brains, we want brains!”... All of the giants go, “stomp stomp stomp”...
All of the fairies go, “ssh ssh ssh”...
All of the frogs go, “jump jump jump”...
M (SSM), L (R) & CL (LA) & (S)
To pre-empt and join in with the lyrics which follow a repetitive structure/pattern
CL (LA) & (S)
To develop listening, attention and speech through singing
To develop coordination and control through moving the body in several different ways (including stirring, wiggling arms and stamping) and to develop the locomotor skill of jumping
To move rhythmically
To pretend to be monsters, witches, ghosts, giants, fairies and frogs
Dance Aims
To develop control through jumping
Motor Skills
To practise gross motor skills including stirring, wiggling, stamping and jumping
To move in time with the singing
Strength and Fitness
To develop strength in legs through jumping
8. Working with Props: ‘Ghostbusters’ by Ray Parker Jr. EYFS aims
To work as a team to win the game
To develop listening and attention through the use of props
CL (U)
To follow the instruction to freeze when the music stops and to understand the meaning of the word “quiet”
To practise moving and stopping and to develop fine motor skills through gripping onto and manipulating an egg shaker
PD (MH) & M (SSM)
To negotiate the space while dancing by adjusting speed and direction to avoid obstacles
To pretend to be the naughty ghosts and to make up own dance movement when the music plays
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