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Autumn Lesson One: Autumn
1. Warm-up: ‘Shake Your Sillies Out’ by The Wiggles EYFS aims
To develop coordination and control through moving the body in several different ways (including shaking, nodding, clapping, jumping and stretching) and to develop the locomotor skill of jumping
To participate in a familiar and predictable routine (we always begin with the same warm-up)
PD (MH) & M (SSM)
To engage in a body tension activities including stretching and curling
To move to a regular beat
CL (U)
To understand the meaning of words through actions
M (SSM), L (R) & CL (LA) & (S)
To pre-empt the lyrics which follow a repetitive structure/pattern
Dance aims
Body Awareness
To perform the isolated head movement of nodding
To develop control through jumping and through slowing down to ‘stretch and yawn’ in time with the music
To improve coordination of whole body through doing the actions (especially clapping and stretching)
Motor Skills
To develop gross motor skills including clapping, jumping and stretching
To move in time with the pulse
Strength and Fitness
To improve cardiovascular fitness through performing a high energy dance and strength in legs through lots of jumping
2. Stretching and curling: Hedgehogs EYFS aims
PSED (MR) & (F/B)
To try out other children’s suggestions on which animals to hide from
To participate in a familiar and predictable routine (we will use the same stretching and curling activity throughout autumn)
To think up and express an idea to the group
CL (U)
To learn the meaning of the word “nocturnal”
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