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children to the pulse.
All: (sung)
Starlight starbright,
First star I see tonight.
Wish I may, wish I might, Have this wish I wish tonight.
You: (sung) Child’s Name, what’s your wish? (to the birthday boy/girl the first time) (you may need to give some more suggestions)
Child: (spoken) I wish for a pirate ship. (the child invents their own wish)
You: (spoken) Now, let’s all say “One, two, three abracadabra” to wish for a pirate ship! All (spoken): One, two three, abracadabra! (the children wave their imaginary wands)
Repeat several times as above, except for at the end of each verse when you ask the children to put their hand up if they would like to make a wish. You then sing “Hello, what’s your wish?” to a child that has their hand up. If you have more than ten children, you could try asking a few children at a time (at the end of each verse before saying “one, two, three abracadabra”) to speed up the activity. If you have more than 20 children you can ask everyone that hasn’t had a turn to shout their suggestion at once.
6. CHOREOGRAPHED DANCE ONE: ‘The Captain’s Wavy Walk’ performed by The Wiggles
Click on song name to open the video in YouTube.
“Who can tell me what the captain makes naughty pirates do? They have to walk the plank! Now I’m going to teach you a dance all about walking the plank like a naughty pirate.” Go through the tricky moves then play the track and perform the dance as in the video.
7. PARACHUTE ACTIVITY WITH TOY/S ON TOP: ‘Ten Toys on the Pirate Ship’ (tune of ‘Two Teddies on a Trampoline’ by Linda Bance)
“Who can tell me what pirates use to travel the seven seas? Let’s make a pirate ship now with the parachute.” Explain that you must first practice with the imaginary parachute. If everyone listens very well then you will take out the real parachute. Sing the song and move your arms up and down to the pulse. “The sea is very rocky!”
No toys on the pirate ship. Boing, boing, boing, boing. No toys on the pirate ship. Boing, boing, boing.
Repeat the song, but the group is holding the edges of the real parachute, moving it up and down to the pulse. “If everyone listens well we will put some toys on top.” Place one soft toy or finger puppet on top and sing:
One toy on the pirate ship. Boing, boing, boing, boing. One toy on the pirate ship. Boing, boing, boing.
Add a second toy on top and sing, “Two toys...” Repeat for up to ten toys. Then place as many soft toys and finger puppets as you have (so there are up to about 20 all together) on top and skip to singing “Lots of toys on the pirate ship etc.”. Don’t worry if they fall off. They always do!
8. MUSICAL STATUES (with instruments): ‘Shake It Off’ by Taylor Swift
a) Ask the children if they know the game Musical Statues. Tell them that they’re going to play a game a little bit like Musical Statues and if they can beat you to win, you will
give them all a Haribo treat.
b) Explain that they are going to be princesses and pirates and you are going to give them
a musical treasure (egg shaker) each.
c) When the music plays the princesses must march their treasures to the royal palace and
the pirates must march their treasures to the pirate ship (demonstrate as you tell them). When the music stops it means the Evil Sea Witch is coming and they must freeze (demonstrate freezing as you say this) so the Evil Sea Witch can’t hear them and steal
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