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                                                                      PROVEN ENERGY FROM WASTE SYSTEMS
          WHAT WE OFFER
        IN SUMMARY
electricity in any combination and at the highest efficiencies
• Delivery, installation, integration, and commissioning of the plant
Tidy Planet offers a range of ancillaries and complementary technologies to meet the needs of your business, which can be included in our EPC offer.
Drying systems: to reduce the moisture content of the feed material and increase throughput and energy output
Shredding systems: to reduce particle size and improve handling, storage, and throughput
Fuel conditioning: to remove and recover valuable contaminants such as metals
            • Fuel handling and storage from 1 to 3 days operation with automatic feed
• Optimised combustion and efficient heat recovery through IED-compliant boilers
• Emissions filtration and abatement to meet stringent UK/EU legislation
• Energy production and distribution in the form of thermal oil, steam, hot water, and
            Few smaller-scale EfW systems are proven, but with over 60,000 operational hours in the UK, Tidy Planet and Sugimat have got the references to give you confidence.
Tidy Planet and our partners are offering a standardised system for processors of wastes and those wishing to set up small-scale, decentralised power generation plants. We can help you to turn a waste problem into an opportunity, fix costs and generate income from increasingly costly waste streams.
We offer a full start-to-finish ‘waste in’, ‘energy out’ turnkey solution, with full EPC contract wrap that allows clients to concentrate on their business, while Tidy Planet manages, installs and commissions the plant on their behalf.
With system availability and performance guarantees in place and with full post- installation support and maintenance packages available, customers can be confident when investing in Tidy Planet EfW solutions.

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