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                  Dear reader,
How time flies. We are already coming to the end of an intensive and eventful year. Intensive because we have once again provided a great number of pilot trips; eventful because the Dutch Maritime Pilots’ Organisation has seen a lot of new developments over the course of the year. Take the changes regarding compulsory pilotage and the publication of our public annual report, for example, or the successful re-accreditation of our training course for registered pilots. Special, important and wonderful developments that contribute to our main goal of ensuring that shipping traffic can proceed safely and smoothly 24/7 together with all service providers. We will soon say goodbye to 2019 and start 2020 with a fresh perspective!
In this Navigator, you will once again find a number of articles on both current
and future challenges. Like the challenge of finding new maritime professionals,
for example. But also the quest for green sailing for our vessels. This is because expectations are increasingly mounting in the wake of the climate agreement. Furthermore, there is the discussion about autonomous sailing, which has already been ongoing for quite some time now. We too are continuously looking for new ways to deal with these developments. All this does not deter cruise ships from visiting Rotterdam though. Their numbers are still growing. These are just a few of the topics that you can read about in Navigator.
By all means, discover for yourself what this edition of Navigator has to offer you. I hope that you will read about the world of the Dutch Maritime Pilots’ Organisation with interest and pleasure and that this strengthens your connection with us. My gratitude goes out to everyone who has been involved in the realisation of this Navigator. In conclusion, I would like to wish you and your loved ones happy holidays and all the best for the year 2020.
Joost Mulder
Chairman Dutch Pilots’ Corporation

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