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Our 3 Steps: It’s all in the name!
To empower humanitarian organisations, DCHI hosts
and facilitates Humanitarian Accelerator Programmes for
its coalition. We’ve adopted
the proven want-find-get
open innovation model to help humanitarians scale their projects, from ideation to pilot and from challenge brief to engagement workshops.
This model based on the ‘want- find-get-manage’ (WFGM) concept,
is applicable to organisations and companies of all sizes and industries, and it has already been examined
and documented in past research. For DCHI, and its actors, the model is used as the foundation and will be modified and expanded with additional detail and other models.
Get inspired to read more about our proven three-step WANT – FIND – GET model
DCHI can help your
innovation programme or vision get a head start by facilitating
interventions. Humanitarian processes are complex, time-consuming, and costly. In the WANT stage, the main focus is on getting your challenge or ‘how might we’ question right, since how you formulate your question ultimately defines what potential solutions you will attract.
Figure out what you WANT to achieve:
1 Deepen and validate the understanding of the problem you want to solve
2 Align on internal ambitions for this open innovation effort
3 Scope and shape the right questions that will trigger open innovation
4 Translate your challenge briefing in an attractive story to invite the outside world in
One of the tools used in the WANT stage is MoSCow No innovation
initiative will be able to tackle every challenge! Once you
have formulated your ‘how might we’ question, check in with your
key stakeholders and colleagues to see if everyone has their priorities in line. This will help avoid any misalignment further in your project and manage expectations from the beginning.
  Dutch Coalition for Humanitarian Innovation

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