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                  Jaap Vuijk
“DCHI’s unique selling point is that they are not like other consultancy agencies. Rather than just being very expensive and just talking the talk, DCHI walks the walk; at DCHI they are truly developing something, building something. Something is happening. That is extremely valuable.”
     Cecilia Ragazzi
“What I really appreciated [about the DCHI programme] was the fact that it is quite systematic. We have tackled the initial challenge in a formal way. And really all the workshops that we’ve done together brought up more and more the dierent strengths that each organisation could bring to the project.”
     Jennifer Oomen
Habitat for Humanity alone will never be able to raise and support every entrepreneur out there. But the question is: can we inspire and bring in others to see the importance of shelter, make the link with modern energy, and go out and provide solutions? I do not think we will need
to run accelerators in a couple of years. The world around us, partly helped by the eects
of Covid-19, has made people aware of the importance of housing. We are trying to find the moments and opportunities to help bring others along.”
Dutch Coalition for Humanitarian Innovation

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