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                  Our aim is to connect all humanitarian innovators
Humanitarian Impact Re-imagined
It’s that simple.
Derived from our firm belief innovation works best when effectively networked. When practised through trust and collaboration. Organised as an opportunity for all to innovate.
So, imagine the ability to extend yourself. Your organisation. And break through silos and tap into the innovative potential of the external environment, such as universities, development partners, and (other) NGOs. A global coalition of your own.
It is therefore our mission to create a safe and enabling environment. By providing supporting tools and infrastructure. To facilitate connections that spark innovation. To realise impact for those who need it most.
To empower the innovator in you.
This is our story. A five-year journey on how humanitarians can avoid obstacles, create coalitions for innovation, and realise impact
faster and cheaper. On how we got here, what we have learned, and what we are now
able to give back.
This journey, methodology, and new way
of thinking and doing, wouldn’t have been possible without the trust, hard work, failures, and commitment of all who have contributed. This magazine is therefore not only a proud presentation of our outcome. It is, above all, a standing ovation to all who have participated. You are our coalition.
Our journey continues. Together with you. In order for us to follow through on our mission.
And to build a digital platform for humanitarian innovation. Tailor-made
for effective matchmaking, collaboration, low-risk testing, and investing. A platform that supports anyone who wants to realise humanitarian impact by innovating faster, easier, and with a lot of positive energy.
Guido Jilderda

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