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 Legacy ISI Features = Your Benefits
 OCPF81/82 pH/ORP sensors for Industrial
& WW Applications, 3/4” MNPT Process Connection
• Porous Teflon junction delivers high performance and low maintenance
• Double chamber reference system prevents fouling in harsh industrial conditions
• Durable 0-14 pH sensitive glass can withstand CIP treatment and operating temperatures up to 110°C, 230°F
• Capillary Pt100 RTD positioned at the tip of the electrode ensures optimum response and accuracy at extreme temperatures
• Self-cleaning flat surface pH membrane option
• Over 45,000 sold per year
Key Feature: Porous Teflon Junction
• This feature was originally patented by Innovative Sensors in 1978.
• The Teflon junction material is uniform in porosity which allows for precise electrolyte flow into measuring sample. This material also resists clogging by dirt and organic deposits that can lead to electrode failure.
Key Feature: Capillary Temperature Compensation
• Common Embedded TC Design by others
– TC is embedded in upper part of body
– Slow response to temp.
– T95% up to 15 minutes
• Innovative Capillary TC Design by us
– TC is placed inside of pH bulb
– Fast response to temp. change
– T95% is less than 2 minutes
This feature was patented by Innovative Sensors in 1982 and is available on most industrial sensors.
Competitor’s sensors require mounting 15 degrees off horizontal. The expansion air bubble that exists in the pH sensing internal can migrate to the tip of the sensor and cause an internal disconnect.
Internal plunger allows for expansion of the liquid without the need for an air bubble.
Enables mounting in any configuration (360 degrees)
Single chamber reference for clean water applications
Teflon junction and gelled electrolyte deliver high performance and low maintenance
Compact design for insertion or flow through installation Low cost for OEM applications, i.e. Swimming Pools
Typical applications include: pool/spa, fresh cut produce washing, aquaculture, plating & electronics industry, general field and laboratory
Over 40,000 units sold per year
Rugged 12mm plastic housing
Removable bulb protector for easy cleaning Patented Teflon junction, non-fouling
Key Feature - Internal Plunger
M-10 for General Purpose use, 1/2” MNPT Process Connection
  SOTA (State-of-the-art), OPSOTA and ORSOTA Lab/Field Electrode
 OPSOTA/ORSOTA Special Features
• Removable Bulb Guard for easy cleaning of pH membrane or ORP Sensor
• Porous Teflon Junction, non fouling, non-clogging
• KCl Salt Rings for extended service and visual check
• Thin wall molded housing allows for large volume of electrolyte

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