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            135 Henry Boot will guide us as we build on our foundations of responsibility and create excitement and engagement with all of our people and partners to address and respond to crucial issues faced by our communities and environments.
Taking a two phase approach to the delivery of
our Responsible Business Strategy will enable our business to be agile as we react to pressing societal issues whilst also ensuring that our long term strategic approach and ambition is focused, authentic and aimed at creating genuine impact. We believe 135 Henry Boot will strongly position us to develop and launch phase two of our Responsible Business Strategy in January 2022.
Phase two will be influenced and shaped by further consultation and engagement with our people and partners. It will focus on the issues we collectively agree to be the most material, and our vision and activity will incorporate the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals that we determine are those we can most positively impact. It will also incorporate
all of our existing responsible business initiatives and guide us to achieve our targets and create long-term social value and impact.

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