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In 1886, Henry Boot established the company that would bear his name. As we celebrate our 135th anniversary this year, our business is taking the opportunity to look to the future and our continuing commitment to support our people, partners, places and planet. We take our responsibility seriously.
We have always been proud to demonstrate our commitment to support the people and places
we work with. From the building of Boot’s Folly
in 1927 to provide work for local people at risk of unemployment, to our efforts in recent years to create long term and meaningful social value for the communities and environments in which we work.
We recognise, however, that the needs our communities and environments are changing and the time to step up our efforts and collective responsibility is now. In our 135th year, we are excited to respond to changing societal needs with strategic focus and renewed commitment.
135 Henry Boot is the first phase of our new Responsible Business Strategy and an exciting next chapter in the story of our business.

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