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SAEINDIA Webinar & Professional Development


                                  Date / Topics / Speaker / Registration Fee

         Off-Highway Forum Webinar Series

         Date: 12 June 2021 -  Topic: Drones – Emerging Technology disrupting various sectors
         Date: 10 July 2021 -  Topic:  Drones for Digital Agriculture

         Date: 14 August 2021 - Topic: Drones – India perspective, Laws and Regulations

         Speaker: Mr. A.J.ARUN JEYA PRAKASH, Director & CEO, Aviocian Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

         Free Webinar

         More details & Registration Link : CLICK HERE

         Date: 17-18 Jun 2021 @  6.00 to 8.00 P.M ( 2 Days Session)

         Topic:  Understanding SAE Specification for Autonomous Vehicles


         Registration Fee :
         Member: 1180/-

         Non-Member: 2596/- (One Year of Membership will be provided as part of the Registration Fee)

         Student: 590/-

         (All Inclusive of GST)
         About the Session:

         We will go through the Taxonomy and Definitions for Terms Related to Driving Automation Systems, typically
         known as Autonomous Vehicles.

         This  4-hour  session  spread  across  two  evenings,  will  help  understand  Driver  Assistance,  Partial  Driving
         Automation, Conditional Driving Automation, High Driving Automation, and Full Driving Automation.
         We will understand SAE Autonomous Vehicle Levels, the role of human Driver, and the role of automation,
         driving tasks, and explore the must-know terms such as Operational Design Domain.

         We will also shed some light on ambiguous or redundant terminologies still used in the common speak.

         What combinations lead to what level of Autonomy?
         We will understand with real-world examples and what complexities lie in achieving higher-level automation.

         This will be a cross-domain introduction that will be useful to engineers, scientists, and even lawmakers.

         Anyone looking to get started with or to making a transition to a career in Autonomous Transportation can
         look forward to this session as a starting point

         More details & Registration Link : CLICK HERE
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