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designer Julianna Goodwin
Naked believes in natural beauty. A composition of all organic products gently revive your skin to its healthiest glow.
The average women uses twelve personal care prod- ucts a day, while men use six. Even though these products contain labels such as “herbal, organic or natural” on them, FDA has no legal definition of these identifiers and they can be placed on packaging even if this does not hold to be true. FDA doesn’t assess safety of personal care products. Not all ingredients are required to be on the labels. Fragrance is consid- ered a trade secret, so companies don’t have to tell us what is in it—often dozens or even hundreds of syn- thetic chemical compounds. Almost half the products contain the generic term “fragrance,” from shampoos and deodorants to lotions and shaving creams. Even “unscented” products may contain masking fragranc- es, which are chemicals used to cover up the odor of other chemicals.
Product Line
Eye Cream Facial Toner Cleansing Emulsion Body Treatment Face & Neck Serum Exfoliating Scrub Protective Day Cream

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