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designer Julianna Goodwin
Prep is inspired by the durability and beauty of natural materials, which is why we provide bamboo and cast-iron clay products for your kitchen. We know the importance of reliable and sleek instru- ments for your kitchen creations.
Many commonly used kitchen products and uten- sils may be linked with the symptoms and signs of toxicity, especially those made from heavy metals and plastics. The following is a list of po- tential sources of toxins in the kitchen: Copper, Lead, Stainless Steel, and Cadmium. Exposure to such toxins are (not limited to) the following: Liver and Brain Disease, Anemia, etc. There are many natural resources that can omit these types of problems such as Organic cookware made from Thermolon, Organic Clay, Cast Iron and Bamboo.
Product line
Bamboo Bowls Frying Pan Sauce Pan Utensils Kitchen Towels Spice Bowls Salt & Pepper Shaker Cutting Board
Salt Rub Produce Bag

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