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Pencelli Castle, built around 1080 A.D.,
had changed hands several times by the 14th Century through conflict. The last Royal occupier was Gwladus Ddu, Princess of North Wales, 1205-1251 A.D. who died at Windsor Castle. She was the daughter of Llywelyn the Great, Prince of Wales and also the Grand daughter of King John, King of England, on her maternal side.
In 1215 A.D. she married the owner of Pencelli Castle, Reginald de Braose who already had a son William from a previous marriage. Upon Reginald’s death she married Ralph Mortimer of Wigmore Castle, Herefordshire, and they had a son, Roger who inherited the Lordships of Pencelli
and Brecon Castles along with thousands of acres of land. This angered William de
Braose who attacked the castle, unsuccessfully, but caused great structural damage. The Castle was repaired and to settle matters Roger agreed to marry William’s daughter, Maud de Braose, therefore bringing the wealth back to the de Braose family. Roger de Mortimer was a renowned and honoured Knight and close friend to Henry III. He fought alongside him at the Battle of Evesham against Simon de Montfort. Roger killed Simon de Montfort, severed his head and sent it home as a gift to his wife, Lady Maud de Mortimer.
All remains of the Castle have long gone and the house, which occupies the site of the old chapel, St. Leonard's, dates back to 1583 A.D. It is now the home of the Rees family. The caravan and camping park lies within and around the defensive moat, part of which was utilized with the construction of the canal. The Oaks and Meadow, which were probably the scene of several bloody battles, are now surrounded by mature trees, many of which span several centuries.

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