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The RLSP welcomes participation from all businesses across the many sectors that operate in our region.
The contribution from employers is vital to the Partnership and membership of our Industry Cluster Groups. The range of business leaders within in the Cluster groups will ensure we can keep shaping the skills landscape now and into the future, with a firm aim to build the local economy and create opportunities for all. Your interest in our work will hopefully encourage you to join an action driven working group which positively impacts decisions made within Education, Industry and Government in relation to skill development and workforce requirements.
We need the voice of Industry and we hope that you will consider joining an enthusiastic group of individuals and businesses who want to change the Skills landscape and develop opportunities for the future.
Our Vision
To work in partnership to drive the economic growth of South West Wales by supporting employers to shape innovative and creative pathways for a robust workforce. In addition, supporting local residents in gaining skills and experience to ensure local economic prosperity.
Develop an understanding of the skills requirements of the future
Promote Career opportunities and pathways
Develop a skilled workforce for the region
 A guide to Industry Clusters

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