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  The more good behaviors people see the more accurate you can be judged and the more young kids will follow you. That is what we are trying to advocate as a management team driven by the players. Better people make better teams therefore better clubs.
On the field I want to play a style of rugby all in Brecon can be proud of. Exciting when need be but hard and uncompromising when necessary. This with Brecon boys and the Brecon stamp.
To that end our recruitment for this season has focused primarily on Brecon linked players and I am pleased to say I have only brought in my two sons Dion and Logan, as part of stepping down, was my commitment to watching my sons play therefore this enabled this to happen. Those that know me will understand they will have no preference, if anything im harder on them, so no doubt they will earn there place and respect in the team.
Also Carl Blacker joined us when we had the late shock news of Scott Gibson’s departure. Finally, as of late I have recruited a young hooker Aneurin James who has premiership experience spending two seasons with Swansea RFC to assist and mentor our very young hookers we have already in the squad.
I am also happy to see the return of former Brecon players back to the Club in key positions which is of paramount importance
in our quest to surge up the Divisions. With
all these guys in the squad it means the competition for places is immense and married to this is the strength of our Athletic team as we need the movement between those to be transparent professional and closely monitored to ensure all 35 plus squad members are being developed under the same umbrella.
Along-side the returning players the backbone of the squad over the last few years remains under the Captaincy of Ewan Williams and Jake Crockett. There is a significant amount of experience in the squad which is supplemented by a number of talented and enthusiastic young guns starting off in senior rugby.
Finally my coaching, medical and management team. Gavin Dacey who will lead up backs and attack, an outstanding coach with an unquestionable coaching track record already but equally a good man. Owen Sheppeard heading up lineout and forward positional skills, young enthusiastic coach with a rapport for people. An incredible understanding of the game.
Darran Harris heading up conditioning, and one of those Brecon legends I mentioned earlier, ex regional player with vast experience of the game and of Brecon heritage. Rory Duffield and Dane Griffiths cementing our medical experience which is paramount in our modern game, with the well being of our players at the very forefront of what we are trying to achieve.
Finally Huw Davies, the ‘Glue’ of Brecon RFC. Everyone’s go to man, absolutely priceless. There are still a lot I have to meet and look forward to that. My final words are simple...
We are looking forward to a great journey! Get on the bus!
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