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About us
EcoWormpro produce environmentally sustainable, ethical gardening products and nothing else. It’s quite simple really.
We also pride ourselves on providing the very best service to our trade customers. We focus 100% on doing everything we can to help get our clear message across to your customers. If you need anything from us to help you get the best out of our range - just ask. We like to think of it this way. We want to work with you on a long term basis and build a long standing relationship to support independent garden centres.
M&B Williams
M&B Williams are one of the the largest worm breeders and suppliers in the U.K.
As a result we are the only dedicated U.K. company with a consistently
large supply of wormcast product. Processed and screened to the exacting requirements for both the horticultural, agricultural and amenity markets. M&B Williams can provide environmentally sound products and solutions.
By the feeding action of earthworms, our unique products are the result of the action of millions of earthworms passing recycled organic matter through their gut a number of times. During this process of fragmenting and grinding the organic matter becomes finely divided humus like material with high porosity, aeration, drainage and water holding capacity. This process greatly enhances microbial activity and accelerates the rate of decomposition.
This leads to a humification effect where unstable organic matter or decomposing plant and animal matter is oxidized and stabilized.
Research scientists have termed this process vermicomposting.

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