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Looking forward to the Brecon Experience!
Dale McIntosh
Director of Rugby, Brecon RFC.
InmymindBreconhasalwaysbeenuncharteredwaters. I’vealwaysknownittobeagreat rugby breeding area having been fortunate enough to have coached, “in my eyes” quite a few Breconlegends. ThroughthatexperienceIcanhonestlysaytheseboysfromBreconmade my job an absolute pleasure, as not only did they have a great work ethic but were always upstanding polite professionals
 So when I was invited to a meeting with Phil Buck,PaulAmphlettandAndyLewisIfeltita duty to them and myself to take up the invite. When I sat with these three guys one thing stuck out like a sore thumb. Their passion and commitmenttoBrecon.Itwasalwayswe!asa clubandtownnevermovingattentionto themselves.Whenitbecomeapparentthey were open to my ideas, passion for people and passion for the game, I then and there felt a tingle down my spine. Trust is a small word but Ihavelivedmylifebyit,withitsreciprocation andmyself. SimplyIwalkedawayfromthere knowing I could trust and depend on these guys.
Myphilosophyasadirectorofrugbyvariesin relation to the different directives of the title.
As a club director firstly towards the mini section its about participation and enjoyment. Kids firstly taking up the game and through the modem of rugby teaching them life skills, team work appreciation and respect for others.
At junior and youth it’s about a balance of enjoymentandcompetition. Winningbutina balance of understanding what winning looks like. Finally my job as head coach of the 1st XV. Simply winning! And knowing what that looks likeindetail. Thesacrificethehardyards,the bloodandthetears. Simply,enjoymentonly comeswhenyouwin. Ifanyonetellsyou different they are either liars or under achievers.
The response I have had from the players has beenremarkable. Yeswecouldhavebeen moreconsistentinnumbers,butaveraging 28-32 a session isn’t bad and the most pleasing conceptistheirappetitetolearn. Beingrole models is an absolute honor but comes with a lotofresponsibility. Iambigonbehaviors.
To me a behavior is something you are consistent with; a trait is something you use when it suits you. If your behavior is of an honest hard working person that’s what you do second nature without thinking about it.

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