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  Club, a position that exceeds what has been achieved through the 150+ years that Brecon Rugby Club has existed. Those current unknowns of this pleasingly elevated position in the League Structure, are matched by the fact that, as a Team that will now ply its trade in the Championship West, we will have the fantastic opportunity to visit pastures new in the western counties of Pembrokeshire, Carmarthenshire and Ceredigion, in addition to trips to Swansea, Port Talbot and the Tawe, Amman and Llynfi Valleys.
The Senior group has recently been working very hard in pre-season training, under the guidance of Director of Rugby, Dale Mackintosh, and his accomplished coaching and support team. The high technical level of coaching that is being provided by this group, allied to the committed efforts of the playing squad, is necessary to allow our teams to have the requisite skill and fitness levels to enjoy their new challenges on the paddock. The Club remains committed to supporting the ambition of our Senior Playing Group, and we look forward to some positive new experiences on our latest journey.
It is inescapable that the direction of the Senior Teams, provides a model and inspiration for our younger playing members, and this collective ambition, and commitment to the Brecon cause, remains a critical driver in enabling the Club to progress in many ways.
We welcome, and are grateful for, the efforts of all the coaches and parents who are currently bringing on our younger Members, under the direction of Al Taylor, and we look forward to the conveyor belt of talent continuing over the coming years.
As ever, the success, and operation of the Club, is only sustainable through the continued commitment of our Membership body, and we look forward to working with all to maintain that success and enjoyment.
Equally, we are indebted to the support, and generosity of our Sponsors, as this remains a bedrock for us in terms of being able to provide the opportunities for our Playing Members of all ages.
In eagerly anticipating our visits to pastures new, we hope that your support of the team will continue and, equally, we look forward to welcoming new faces to Parc de Pugh, and making new friends throughout the season. We look forward to welcoming you to our town and Club, and we are sure you will enjoy your Breconshire experience under the care
of Sharon and her staff at our clubhouse.
Finally, to all our other volunteers who give up their spare time in support of the Club,
we thank you sincerely and we hope to see many more of you during the season.
Julian Edwards
President, Brecon RFC.
Andy Lewis
Chairman, Brecon RFC.

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