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With a vision for a Herefordshire that is richer and more diverse in wildlife and that is valued and cared for, by its people to the benefit of all, Herefordshire Wildlife Trust protects and preserves threatened habitats for us to enjoy.
With over 50 nature reserves across the county, here we highlight two of the larger HWT locations open to the public for a wonderful family day out. Queenswood, so named from its Royal connections through the ages, is a beautiful 47 acre arboretum near Leominster, devised with a labyrinth
of wide walkways, an enchanting Gruffalo Trail and a panoramic viewpoint across Herefordshire. Planting began in 1953 to mark the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II (look out for the Coronation stone), funded by a public appeal, which enabled the purchase of many of the rare and beautiful trees still there today. The history of the site, dating back far beyond 17C, has made it a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) as it has become an important habitat for a whole range of wildlife.The spectacular changing colours of Queenswood through the seasons make this a special destination all year round.
You’ll often see dog walkers, visitor groups and families simply enjoy its beauty, the open spaces or the picnic and play area. Bodenham Lake was created when the gravel pits in the area became disused
in the 1920s. Now it has become an important breeding ground for over 160 species of birds plus other aquatic life and therefore some areas have restricted public access. As the largest lake in Herefordshire there are wonderful riverside meadow walks, perfect for picnics and your four legged friends and plenty of information points to help you look out for the wildlife and especially the playful otters (particularly active at dawn and dusk).
Find out more about Herefordshire Wildlife Trust, their many events, the reserves and even how to join in some of the projects at
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