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As a county so steeped in the heritage of agriculture and growing so much of the country’s food, it’s no surprise that Herefordshire has a wealth of farm shops and artisan food producers and suppliers purveying the finest culinary delights and ingredients.
Legges of Bromyard started life as a family butchers, but is ambitiously growing into so much more. Now their shop in Bromyard has become a foodie destination for those wanting not just the finest cuts of meat, but Legges’ own brand of juicy pies, meaty meals, and is locally famous for its bursting breakfast baguettes and takeaway wraps.
Also stocking other regionally made accompaniments like preserves, oils, juices, spirits and wines, their shop has become quite the gourmet stop. Check out their little sister branch on the edge of Hereford City for a similar range of goods. Field Fayre Organics in the heart of Ross-on-Wye is an emporium of organic goodness.
Shop for your deli delights or store cupboard staples amongst the fresh groceries and many artisan products, and for even greater convenience go online, fill your basket and do their useful click-and-collect.
You’ll find Old Granary Pierogi’s
delicious twist on a traditional dish at many of the county’s food events. Pierogi is a traditional, hearty Polish dish, which resembles Italian ravioli when boiled, or the well known Cornish pasty when baked. The baked pierogi they specialise in have hand crafted enriched dough cases, hand rolled and stuffed with a variety of meaty and vegetarian fillings with many ingredients being organic, free-range and sourced or foraged locally. But you don’t have to seek them out to try them, you can also purchase their many flavours online for a real taste of Herefordshire meets Poland.
Oh and look out for the amazing and diverse flavours of scotch eggs from the Handmade Scotch Egg Company (available at The Nest - see P89).
Find many more local producers and gourmet food retailers online under EAT on our website.
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