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Got designs on nudging Kirsty’s Crafty Christmas into your own hands?
Or do you want to change your career direction and learn or hone a creative skill? Herefordshire is the place to get away from it all and fuel your imagination.
In its beautifully located workshops between Ledbury and Malvern, Eastnor Pottery is perfect not just for kids but a group of friends or even an individual to have a fun day to play with clay. Apparently, most ‘unique’ creations can serve well as a plant pot or base!
Hereford College of Arts is THE destination to really make something of your creative leanings in an inspiring environment. Immerse yourself in your medium with a short course or full time study, including ceramics, digital photography, print making and screen printing, fine art, contemporary crafts, music, performing arts and more.
With such a wide range of courses in wood and leathercraft, felting, stained glass and so much more, the choice of have-a-go workshops from the members of Creative Breaks is an exciting conundrum – you’ll just have to come back for more.
Plus keep your eye on Trumpet Corner Tearoom, Galleries and Garden near Ledbury for their one day craft workshops and events – we recommend taking up residence in the lovely tearooms and irresistible galleries while you’re waiting.
Find more creative ideas under ENJOY on our website.
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