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The Laskett Gardens
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One of England’s largest private formal gardens to be laid out since 1945, they are an ever evolving creation over forty years of the historian, writer and diarist Sir Roy Strong and his late wife, the designer, Julia Trevelyan Oman.
New additions for 2018 are two stunning mosaics in the orchard and a Belvedere tower from which to view the garden on high - not to be missed!
Open for Groups exclusively Tuesdays & Thursdays (pre-booking required) 10.30am & 2.30pm 1 May - 27 September 2018
Non-groups welcome Wednesdays, please call ahead
£12 per person inc detailed souvenir map and audio guide. Gift shop (no tearoom, own refreshments/picnics welcome).
Contact Fiona Fyshe 07989 338217
The Laskett, Much Birch, Herefordshire HR2 8HZ
Kentchurch Court Nr pontrilas, Herefordshire
Kentchurch, Herefordshire HR2 0DB
t 01981 240228 e w
The 25 acres of gardens that surround the court contain all the elements you would expect of a fine historic house. Swathes of naturalised bulbs start our year and as the sun fades them, it brings to life vast and varied herbaceous borders, full of scent and colour, well into October.
We also have a lovingly assembled collection of rhododendrons with examples of trees and shrubs that range from the remarkable chilean fire bushes to the monstrous douglas firs. There is also a large organic vegetable garden and orchard.
All of this sits within one of the best preserved picturesque landscapes in the country. The lawn edges may not be as crisp nor the paths as well racked as they were in their Edwardian pomp, but in its imperfection and ambition we hope you get a sense of both our garden's glorious past and its bright future. The gardener is as happy to take advice as to give it.
To finish your garden visit you could indulge in either the tea room or nursery but hopefully, both.
Open Good Friday - September 30th
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