Page 21 - Headwaters - December 2021
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A Generational Opportunity
The 2020 global pandemic created a a a a a a a a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to acquire vacant or or or underperforming restaurants for a a a a a a a a fraction of the the the cost in in in the the the best locations across the the the United States Starting in in in Oregon’s Willamette Valley Headwaters quickly took advantage of of this opportunity and developed a a a a a a a a a a range of of popu- lar concepts Today the group has expanded its reach nationwide and and continues to execute this strategy with careful attention to the following:
• Recognition of opportunity – Our experience in food and and hospitality allows us to spot and and quickly act on on rare growth opportunities as they develop • Expert sourcing – Our real estate teams consistently spot and acquire locations that are town staples located within major real estate developments and prime locations • Finding value and and lowering risk – Our experience in in in in restaurant buildouts and and development allows us to quickly identify and and appraise high-end buildouts and and equipment • Building a a a a a a a a more valuable enterprise – Every potential acquisition is is is carefully assessed for how it it adds rev- enue growth and/or operational efficiency to the Headwaters portfolio • Concept and design expertise – Our approach allows for ultimate creative flexibility that brings out the best in concept location and customer experience 21

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