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stock market, but with no formal education or experience in finance, Chris had found his calling.
After self-educating himself by reading books and attending investment seminars, Chris landed a job as an unpaid intern at a prestigious brokerage firm. His passion and purpose soon found him climbing the ranks and becoming a multimillionaire.
Years later, Chris Gardner's remarkable story captured the attention of Hollywood and was adapted into the critically acclaimed film "The Pursuit of Happyness," starring Will Smith as Chris.
Today Chris is active in Peace Over Violence, a Los Angeles social-service agency working to prevent violence against women and children. “Giving back when you are successful should not be seen as an obligation; it’s a privilege,” he says, reminding us of our shared humanity and inspiring others to be more empathetic, compassionate, and engaged in making the world a kinder place for all.
A Sense of Purpose
Emily, a 35-year-old caterer in Vancouver, decided to volunteer at a local animal shelter during her free time. Through this connection with shelter animals and fellow volunteers, Emily discovered her passion for animal welfare. She went on to create a nonprofit organization dedicated to rescuing and rehoming stray animals. Emily's sense of purpose shifted from a career-driven focus to a mission of compassion

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