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total stranger can boost your happiness level and instill a greater sense of belonging.
Connect and Gain Confidence
Confidence is built on different things, but overall it is built on self-talk and relationships that feed your passion. A healthy relationship can stop you obsessing about yourself and start caring about others. Feeling you belong gives a sense of security that allows you to face the world with confidence.
Connect and Stay Healthier
When you make new connections in the outside world, you make new connections in the inside world — in your brain. This keeps you young and alert. In the Alameda County Study, Dr. Lisa Berkman of the Harvard School of Health Sciences looked at 7,000 people, aged 35 to 65, over a period of nine years. The study concluded that people who actively connect with new people are almost three times less likely to die of medical illness than those who don’t. And all this is independent of socioeconomic status and health practices such as smoking, boozing, or physical activity.
Connect and Get Cooperation
Strangers can help you take care of your needs and desires. Whatever it is you’d like in this life— romance, a dream job, a ticket to the Rose Bowl—the chances are pretty high that you’ll need a strangers help to get it. And the better the quality of

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