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rapport you create with them, the higher the level of their cooperation.
Connect and End Loneliness
Nobody Wants to Be Lonely. We all need someone we can trust to talk to, share our experiences, and bounce our ideas off and, most important, someone to give us feedback—to respond to what we say and let us know how we’re doing. We need someone to witness us, validate us, make us feel complete.
Loneliness is very much alive in all societies, among all ages, classes, races, and nationalities. And it’s not going away. It’s in our schools, churches, and workplaces. Fifty percent of the population of Paris now live alone, sixty percent of the population of Stockholm live alone and 31% the whole United Kingdom live alone. In the US, 17% of the workforce admit to having no close friends. We can no longer hush away the despair that’s at the root of so many overdoses and suicides.
Connect and Get Lucky
Professor Richard Wiseman at the University of Hertfordshire in England, spent more than two decades researching why some people have more luck than others. “Eighty percent of the people who try to increase their serendipity by talking to strangers are successful.” Says Wiseman. “It takes only a month and most people report their luck increases by an average of forty percent.” Research carried out by the Carnegie Institute of Technology shows that eighty-

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