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five percent of our financial success is due to our ability to engender trust and respect in strangers. Astonishingly, only fifteen percent comes from our technical knowledge.
Connect and Learn New Things
Learn a language, join a band, become a chef, fix a lawn mower, write a book. Whatever you want to know or do there’s a stranger out there to help you.
Connect and be More Creative
What is more creative? A bunch of old friends or a bunch of strangers? Put together a barista, a firefighter, a ballerina, a baseball player, a fighter pilot, a croupier and a convict and what have you got? A whole lot of fresh ideas.
Connect and Feel Love
We benefit from each other emotionally. From time to time, we meet a stranger who influences our emotions and vital body rhythms in such a pleasurable way that we call it love. Be it through body language, gestures, facial expressions, tone of voice or words alone, other people make our hard times more bearable, our good times much sweeter.
Connect and Make Magic
Imagine caring passionately about the environment but being too shy to talk about it. When you find your voice, you can speak up about climate change and inspire others to plant trees and clean up their neighborhood. Maybe you're great at helping others, but you're held back by self-doubt. When you

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