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10. Comfort zone: they are comfortable in their current situation, despite feeling unhappy and are not prepared to disrupt their routine or habits.
Next, we looked at those who were living a fairytale life. Using our NLP qualifications, we elicited the unconscious mental strategies, self-talk styles and common threads of successful subjects. NLP stands for neurolinguistic programming. It is a method of communication and personal development that aims to understand how language and patterns of behavior impact our experiences and can be used to achieve personal and professional goals. In particular, we focused on how they use language to motivate and demotivate themselves and others all day long without realizing it.
We interviewed entrepreneurs and tech start-up people who were changing the world. We listened to men, women and teens who came back after being kicked in the teeth by fate and forced to start over. We heard from jaded professionals, production line workers, first responders and others in uniform who’d managed to start over and bring purpose, projects and passion into their lives.
We compared our findings with those of over two hundred people for whom life (and frequently work) was still a struggle and posed the question, "Is it possible to move from being a struggler to living the lifestyle of your choice?"
The answer was a resounding "Yes." If you really need to.

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