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According to our research, these are the top ten attributes of individuals who have made fresh connections and are now enjoying the lifestyles of their choice.
1. A glowing vision
2. Aflexiblemind
3. They accept responsibility, welcome mistakes and process feedback instead of blaming others and making excuses
4. Think and talk in the positive
5. Surround themselves with people and places that radiate a positive outlook
6. An appetite for calculated risks
7. Theyknowhowtotalktopeoplefromallwalksoflife, including strangers.
8. They have a purpose, a project, and a simple message
9. They release their grip on time
10. They are open to epiphanies and serendipities.
Every morning, when Andrew McHale throws open the
shutters to let in the Maltese sunshine, he gives thanks for making his dream into a laser-focused, glowing vision. As his twin daughters, Prudence and Judy, head off to the international school ten miles away, Andrew pours his second cup of coffee, and he and his wife Becky look over the day's schedule. Their lives haven’t always been like this. Just three and a half years ago, they lived in a small town on the north-

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