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east coast of Scotland. A successful chartered accountant, thirty-three-year-old Andrew knew he had an amazing job on paper, but he couldn’t imagine doing it for another twenty years.
I met Andrew when he contacted me after his cousin in Grande Prairie, Alberta, told him about a Purpose Quest workshop of mine she’d attended. Andrew asked if I would give him a private face-to-face coaching session during a stopover he’d be making in Toronto on his way back to Aberdeen. We met at the airport and talked for two hours about taking control, defining yourself accurately, uncovering his Statement of Fortune and opening a FlowPath--all of which will be explored in this book. Andrew stayed in touch.
"We’d always dreamed of leaving Scotland and starting a new life in the sun," Andrew told me. "We grew up surrounded by the grey skies and cold winds of the Scottish coast and we longed for something different.
"We spent our honeymoon in Malta. The stunning landscapes and crystal-clear waters made for the perfect romantic backdrop. But the most special aspect of our honeymoon was the warm and welcoming culture of the Maltese people. We had a burning desire to return to this little slice of paradise one day."
Then the timing aligned. Becky was let go from her job, the girls were about to change schools and Andrew was very unhappy with his career. But he was nervous about leaving

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