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everything and starting over. He wanted a sign to tell him they were doing the right thing. the day he got it.
"I became aware that silly little things started flowing into place—things I would never have noticed before. I’d been to see my mother and my flight back from Dublin to Aberdeen was overbooked and the airline offered two hundred pounds, accommodation and an upgraded seat the next morning to anyone who'd give up their place. What the heck! Normally, I wouldn’t consider it, but after what you said about FlowPaths in our session together at the airport, I did. So then I'm in this airport motel, two hundred pounds richer, and I'm cleaning the TV remote because I've heard they are the most disgusting things in the hotel room, and I must have hit the power button because the TV pops on and this guy is saying, 'Want to move to Malta?' and how Maltese laws have just changed to make it 'smooth and hassle-free' for foreigners to buy property and work there and how the health and education systems are some of the best in the world. Then I'm on the shuttle back to the airport next morning, and this couple in front of me is arguing over what to do when they get to their destination: Malta!
“Then it hit me. Malta was calling—and from that moment on, everything was Malta."
They went to the island with a simple idea: to create a unique holiday rental business. Andrew and Becky loved people and privacy, so they wrapped their Statement of Fortune around this heartfelt passion and made a fresh start. They carefully picked properties that balanced seclusion and

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