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team and I had spent three years developing a project designed to cast-off constraining beliefs and reveal liberating natural-born strengths in men and women.
We called the project Purpose Quest. It revolved around finding your “Statement of Fortune,” a short unique phrase drawn out from deep inside you. This Statement spells out precisely how you were born to help the world go around and how precisely to make that happen. Although the techniques were developed for all types of people, WRED aimed their program at women living in particularly belligerent surroundings.
Finding their Statements of Fortune proved so awe inspiring many of the women’s lives were changed forever immediately. Tears of joy and dropped jaws reinforced a growing body of research that suggests experiencing awe can lead to a wide range of benefits from happiness and health to confidence, generosity and humility. Men could attend if they wanted.
Cracking the Code
Susan attended one of these workshops as a condition of her being able to collect a helper’s allowance from the Provincial government. She was born on a farm 30 miles north of Toronto. It was her duty to cook, clean, shop and wait on her in-laws: mother, father, brother and uncle as well as help them out around the farm when things got hectic.

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