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A troubled woman in her late 30’s, Susan was at her wits end: insecure, depressed and anxious. We began by telling her it’s okay to not feel okay. That it really helps to feel whatever emotions she wants to feel. Then we set about untangling her self-talk. When asked to give me ten words to describe herself she snapped, “I’m an aggressive, angry bitch. Or so I’m told.”
An hour later we’d accurately reframed these three words plus seven more she gave me to describe herself. When we dug deep we found her true self and flipped ‘aggressive’ to ‘stimulating,’ ‘angry’ to ‘quick-witted’ and ‘bitch’ to ‘having high standards.
In a flash Susan realized how over the years her environment had messed with her self-talk, flipped her strengths upside down and had her believing all these negative things about herself. No wonder a stimulating, quick-witted woman with high standards, living in the circumstances she did, was told over and over she was a bitch.
Sooner or later we start to believe what people say. But Susan had an epiphany that day as we revealed her Statement of Fortune, a simple four second statement encompassing what she was born to do, how she does it, why she is unique, who she does it for and how she adds value to other people.
“This is it,” Susan said, “this is who I need to be. No. This is who I am.”

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