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Six years later I was giving a keynote speech at The International Plaza in Toronto. Walking through the convention center someone called my name.
“Hey Nick.”
I turned.
“You don’t remember me do you?”
The woman looked familiar. “Help me out here,” I said.
“It’s me. Susan.”
We hugged. “You look amazing. What are you doing here?”
“I manage three departments for the Ministry of Agriculture now and they’re all running events here today.”
Revitalized by her Statement of Fortune Susan found herself growing and flowing in a brave new world. She realized she knew a lot more about motivating difficult people than she thought.
Susan’s Statement of Fortune?
“I challenge people to imagine wild, new ideas.”
I found my own Statement of Fortune about 30 years ago. Thinking back it felt like I’d spent half my life at school standing in the corridor. Whenever a teacher said something that had the class looking confused I’d pipe-up and say, “why don't you just say X and we’ll all get it.” Then the teacher would say

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