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My point to them was simple and made perfect sense: When people like you they see the best in you and look for opportunities to say yes to you. And what’s more, it didn’t just apply to school children: it applies to adults too. My point to myself was becoming brilliantly clear too. I’m madly in love with life and I care so much about this topic and how it is transforming lives that this isn’t simply something I want to do: it’s something I have to do. That’s why I am writing this book.
It was at this point in my quest that I came across the early work of Drs. Richard Bandler and John Grinder at UCLA in a subject with the unwieldy name of Neuro-linguistic Programming, NLP for short. Over the next few years I studied with Dr. Bandler in London and New York and Dr. Grinder in Canada and England earned a license as a Master Practitioner of NLP.
There are hundreds of great books and speeches out there on finding your purpose, confidence and self-motivation but motivation, by it’s very definition is temporary: that’s why there are so many motivational speakers.
The word “motive” actually means to provide someone with an external stimulation or reward, or a bribe if you like, to do something. “Work hard and pass your exams and I’ll buy you a car.” Take away the motive and you take away the hard work. Same goes for finding your “life purpose.” Asking someone outside yourself what you should be doing with your time that’s meaningful or important is temporary too. Far better

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