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cohort is rewriting the rules for everything from marriage to employment to travel.
So, what's next? Is there a way to re-ignite your passion for a life and a job you once enjoyed – or is there something more exciting waiting patiently for you in the wings? Maybe it’s time to have an honest conversation with your self.
Somewhere, deep inside us all a spirit is alive and ticking. In those with an appetite for more in life it’s ticking loud and strong - but in those with no taste for more it’s locked away: too disturbing to contemplate, too scary to embrace. Nevertheless, it's there, ticking away, detecting and recording every lost opportunity.
In order to write You Rule I studied the neuro-linguistic programming of more than one hundred and twenty men and women on three continents to whom success appears effortless. According to our research these are the top ten attributes of successful self-rulers who are living and loving the lifestyle of their choice. All these attributes are revealed in detail throughout You Rule using steps, real-world stories and simple exercises.
1. A flexible mind—their five Vital Powers: enthusiasm, curiosity, feedback, empathy and imagination are permanently interactive
2. They define themselves accurately
3. They have Internal Locus of Control: they accept responsibility for their circumstances, they don’t

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